A Guide to Buying Gift Day Experiences


Making use of the numerous gift day experiences available is a great way to show your appreciation to those you love and cherish. They often make the perfect gift for those who are difficult to buy presents for, almost guaranteeing that the experience you buy is going to be appreciated.

No one likes buying gifts that are destined to be sold or returned. If the prospect of being able to present your loved ones with gifts that they actually like fills you with joy, keep reading and we’ll tell you all about the process of buying gift day experiences. Once we’re done, you’ll never buy an unwanted gift again.

Companies Offering Gift Days

You usually have two options, buying an experience day from a third-party company that offers several or going direct to the source and buying your experience from the actual company offering the excursion.

The choice is entirely yours, though you will of course find far more variety and choice if you go through a third-party. This is simply because they offer the experiences of several different providers.

What Does the Buying Process Involve?

Once you’ve decided on your choice of gift experience and have found a suitable company offering their services, all that is left to do is purchase your gift day voucher. The voucher will usually detail any restrictions applicable but these will usually only relate to legalities such as the requirement of a driving licence if taking part in a driving day. You may also find that some vouchers have a time limit attached to them and need to be redeemed before a certain date.

Once you’re in possession of your voucher, simply present it to the lucky person when the time is right. If you’ve chosen their gift experience well, you will know immediately by the grin on their faces.

Food for Thought

If you’re struggling to decide on the experience that would be the most well received, we have some hints and tips for you:

  • Spa Days – If you have a friend that is always busy, why not allow them to rewind with some rest and relaxation courtesy of a trip to a spa. You could even decide to go all the way and send them packing to a wellness treat, providing them with the pampering of their dreams.

  • Track Days – You’re either a car fanatic or you’re not, and those that are, are sure to appreciate a day spent tearing around Brands Hatch in a supercar. Most of these experiences will allow at least 3 laps around a track of your choice, perfect for those wanting to emulate Lewis Hamilton.

  • History and Culture – Some of our friends and family members are far more culturally minded than others so it only makes sense that a weekend spent taking in the sights and sounds of some of the most historically important sites of the UK will go down well.

With the tips you’ve just read above, you will never be left wondering what to buy those nearest and dearest to you again.


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