Bad dog breath: an underlying symptom of a major health issue


Bad dog breath is actually an indication of a serious health consequence affecting your dog. It could be a dental problem or something much complicated like a liver disease, kidney disease and diabetes. Bad breath in dogs termed as halitosis is indeed an indication of a certain disease based on the characteristics of that particular odor. Odor from is a characteristic feature found in dog’s mouth but if it is unbearable and persistent you need to dig deep into the cause of this odor.
Bad breath in dog is basically because of the odor producing bacteria that are indeed bacteria that are associated with plaque and tartar. And plaque and tartar are caused because of poor oral hygiene or the poor dental regiment you follow for your dog. Such odor can further lead to oral disease. Plaque accumulation leads to gingivitis, a very chronic disease that might even lead to tooth loss, toot abscess and infect the surrounding tissues and organs.
Characteristics of odor indicating a disease
Bad breath or offensive odor from the mouth is termed as halitosis; it is caused by certain odor producing bacteria that dwell on the inside of your dog’s mouth, gut and lungs. The odor is actually an indication that the bacteria are proliferating and building up more than necessary in your dog’s mouth. Such odor producing bacteria are often associated with plaque and cavities and occur due to poor oral hygiene.
bad dog breath at times is a perfect indicator of disease. Foul odor accompanied by yellowish urine and yellowish eyes are the symptoms of a liver disease like jaundice. Urine like smell from the dog’s mouth or ammonia smell indicates that your canine is suffering from a kidney disease. A fruity odor or your dog’s breath smelling sweet indicates that your pet is suffering from diabetes. In such cases immediate diagnoses and treatment are mandatory. Bad dog breath can also mean constipation and other gastrointestinal diseases.
Tips to Cure Bad Dog Breathe
Bad breath due to dental issues can be prevented and cured by following basic tips –
Proper brushing employing the right technique and an apt tooth brush and tooth paste meant for dogs is essential. If you develop this everyday activity right from the puppy stage it would prove helpful in the long run as your dog wouldn’t fuss about it. If your dog does not like brushing, then brush his teeth whenever he allows you to. This should be done for at least thrice a week.
If brushing is never an option with your dog then try the bone trick. You can use large uncooked beef bone or mutton bone. It should neither be too hard nor soft as soft bones chip and might get stuck in between teeth or when ingested will lead to gastrointestinal complications. Dry bones are also available at the pet shop which can be used as well. Dental chews too that come in various flavors are the treats that your dog can never refuse. Treat him a dental chew once in day. These chews are designed to promote good oral health and hygiene. The characteristic X shape of the dental chew is effective in cleaning the dog’s teeth while your dog is enjoying the treat.
Cleaning the teeth and gums by wiping them with a clean and dry cloth after brushing ensures removal of any plaque or tartar that was left behind. A lot of non toxic chew toys are available which you can give your dog to play with. The design on the toy ensures proper cleaning of your dog’s mouth. Treating bad dog breath is definitely a possibility!


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