Caravan Propstands, Side-Winding Jacks, and So Much More


When you’re towing a trailer, a comfortable ride and safety are generally at the top of the priority list. But there are two other words that you may want to give consideration to as you purchase and use your trailer: stability and control. Propstands are a good way to begin because they provide much-needed support as you load and unload.

Manufacturers and sellers also recommend keeping propstands in place when the trailer is coupled to your vehicle to help keep the payload balanced. With careful loading, even distribution of items on the trailer, and the help of quality caravan propstands, you should eliminate pitching and snaking as you travel. Some products are designed with a swivel-foot design that provides additional levelling and stability when the ground is uneven.

Excellent Examples

As you browse, consider the 235mm telescopic propstand with a swivel foot. This design has a ribbed shaft and delivers a trailer capacity of 3500kg. Or talk with a representative about the 200mm propstand that delivers 3000kg trailer capacity. It also has a swivel foot for extra stability. As you shop for your tools and accessories, look closely at such equipment as the 375mm side-winding jack with 2000kg or 3000kg capacity.

Of course, these are only a few of the items that you have to select from. If you need wheels and tyres for the trailer, you can choose from sets ranging in size from 8” diameter to 16” diameter. Of course, you’ll also find all the wheel parts and accessories that you need, including wheel studs, wheel nuts, and clamps. Choose from a long list of electrical and security items as well, all designed with long-term service in mind.

Experience, Expertise

To make sure that you’re getting the finest products made from quality materials, you’d be wise to work with a company bringing plenty of experience to the industry. Customers can always depend on unmatched customer service as they browse through the extensive inventory of trailers, trailer parts, and accessories. The list includes towing equipment, propstands, and side-winding jacks as well as utility trailers, roof rails and boxes, and cycle carriers.

You can learn more by visiting the website of a leading provider of products with an inventory ranging from wheels and tyres to electrical parts and accessories, couplings, tow balls, jockey wheels, and more. Consider the utility of the side-winding jack, specially designed to lift your trailer safely and level it with equipment on board. These special tools have feet designed to spread the load as well as excellent strength, thanks to the winding ratio.

If you work with specialists at this level, you not only have access to the best equipment and accessories but you can also call on them to assist with your preparations for a cycling holiday or service your trailer on a regular schedule. The array of products and the level of service go well beyond what you expect from other suppliers in this sector. The goal is to stand apart from others in the same field while delivering excellent quality for a reasonable price.


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