Cat’s X-Ray – and Everything about it

Cat’s X-Ray

Cats always want to try out something new, as they can climb from ten times higher walls than their height. They can even jump from rooftops and are even able to sneak into very small spaces inside the house. When it comes to kittens they also want to try such type of stunts in such a small age and often end up hurting themselves, even adult cats also get injured on a failed attempt.

So that is a time when you need to take your cat to a vet. Upon reaching veterinarian clinic the very first thing you will observe in diagnosing accurate problem will be X-Ray. X-Ray is an image on the thin film sheet. In this image all the bones, and some major organs are visible.


In order to observe this image that sheet is needed to be placed under light. And with the help of these X-Rays a vet can diagnose the exact part of broken bones, or if there is some problem with major organs then that will also be diagnosed by these X-Rays. These X-Rays are also helpful to find out if your cat has swollen some metal or solid thing.

Usually, X-Rays are not good for health, and too much exposure to these rays might get you to end up with several diseases. So there are some latest X-Ray machines which are able to control the number of radiations emitted from the machine. And usually, these radiations are kept very low just to keep your cat safe from any further diseases.

Variation in Prices

Then many people worry about the charges for these X-Rays, well it depends on the location of a vet. If the vet clinic is near to the city centre then for sure he will charge you really high. Then there are different types of X-rays as well as a simple bone X-ray will be charged very low. On the contrary cat x ray lung cancer will charge really expensive.

So always go for vets who are far from the city centre, or if you can afford to travel then go for vets outside the town, or in some nearby smaller town. As you are now already aware by the common X-Rays, in the same way, there are some latest X-Rays as well in which you will get image result with more clarity, ad better resolution as well. And instead of getting an image on a film sheet, you can have it directly on your computer.

Types of X-Rays

Even there are different types of X-rays as well. First of all, there is the most common type of X-ray, and that will be of the dental part. This X-Ray will completely expose all the gums, and teeth in the image to diagnose the problem. Then there is chest X-Ray which is used to diagnose for any lungs disease, viral infections, or breaking of any bones.

IN the same way, there are X-Rays available for different parts of the body to diagnose different cat’s body problems. And no doubt these X-Rays are really necessary for the vet to diagnose the exact problem, and then he can proceed to cure.


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