Choosing a Water Storage Tank Company With High Standards


If your company is in need of a new industrial water storage tank solution, choosing the right company to build it is critical.  This is a competitive field, and understanding the different standards to which companies hold themselves is very important—because not all industrial water storage tank construction companies are equal in this regard.

Companies can easily impress customers with flashy marketing and lip service, but when push comes to shove, their integrity matters much more. If there are problems with construction or installation, or if there are issues with functionality or performance after completion, the integrity of the company—not the amount it invests in advertising—is what makes a real difference.

One way that customers can try to make a determination about a company’s integrity is to examine the standards they uphold.  Not just the values they claim to hold, but the verifiable, quantifiable standards they hold themselves to.  Here are a few key things that can help you make the distinction.

Reviews and Referrals

Any large company in this industry should be able to provide you with references to check out.  That is, other organizations they have had as clients in the past. Contact these references independently—don’t rely solely on a few words printed in a marketing pamphlet as a testimonial. Speak to the company’s contact that was involved with the water storage tank installation project. If you can, find other clients as well.

When you talk to these contacts independently, you are giving them the opportunity to tell you about their personal experiences with the construction company, without those experiences being filtered through the public relations department of the storage tank construction company. You’ll have a better idea of their integrity and standards when you hear the opinions of sources that aren’t necessarily biased in their favor.

Regulatory Standards

There are two types of industry standards you should be on the lookout for when researching a company’s past performance in Water Storage Tanks construction. First, there are legally mandated regulatory standards.  Second, there are voluntary industry standards. In an industry as complex and risky as storage tank construction, many companies go beyond legally mandated standards, choosing to uphold even higher voluntary standards.

API Standards

In the United States, the American Petroleum Institute (API) Standards are the benchmark for above ground storage tanks.  There are three main standards (650, 653, 620).  These standards affect both existing storage tank solutions as well as newly constructed aboveground tanks. Obviously, since tanks are required to continue to meet these standards in an ongoing fashion, it’s very important that the tanks be initially constructed with these standards in mind. Following the API Standards is an important step to reducing leaks, spills, and malfunctions. API also publishes a set of recommended practices—it can be worthwhile to find out if your storage tank construction company is voluntarily following these recommendations, in addition to the required standards.

ASTM Standards

Once known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM International is now a globally recognized standards organization that publishes safety and testing guidelines for numerous industries.  Since 1898, scientists and engineers have worked together to develop rigorous standards based upon empirical testing.  While ASTM Standards are not strictly required in some industries, they are known to (usually) exceed legally mandated standards. That’s why in certain industries, like aboveground tank storage, where safety is paramount, companies that choose to follow these higher standards are preferable.

Other Standards and Specifications

Depending on the purpose and location of your storage tank, you’ll also want to check out a construction company’s compliance with other industry specifications. If, for example, you are building a tank for potable water, you’ll want to ensure that the company follows NSF, USDA, and EPA standards religiously.

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) also publishes standards, and in some cases, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards can be important as well. Check them out here.


Not only will the right aboveground storage construction company follow the applicable standards, regulations, and specifications—they’ll be happy to help you understand which standards they follow, and why.  They should be able to provide you with documentation on the standards and regulations they follow. Choose a company with integrity—you won’t regret it.


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