Common Uses for A Hired Skip


    Not so long ago, skips were most commonly used by construction companies who had the need to dispose of or recycle large amounts of construction waste. For this reason, skips are available in a multitude of different sizes, all with their own specific use in mind.

    Because of this, hiring a skip for use at home is perfectly possible and even encouraged when you yourself are undergoing a refurbishment or clear out project. If you’re wondering how domestic skip hire might benefit you, keep reading to learn more.

    The Avid Gardener

    Any gardener will be able to tell you that maintaining a large garden can generate a large amount of organic waste. You will quickly begin to realise that not all of this waste can reasonably be reused in your garden, and for this reason, needs to be disposed of or recycled by other means.

    If you find your compost bin always full and would rather not make return trips to your nearest recycling centre, consider hiring a small garden waste skip. Your skip hire company will be able to deliver it to your home and locate it on your driveway, facilitating easy access to your front or rear garden. Once full, your hire company will collect your skip and dispose of the waste for you.

    Moving Home

    Moving house is a great excuse to get rid of all the junk that you’ve gathered over the years. The type of junk that has been sitting in your loft for a decade but can’t quite seem to remember having put there.

    Whilst your removal company takes care of your personal belongings, why not have a skip waiting on your driveway for you to dispose of anything that just doesn’t need to accompany you to your new home.

    • The less your removal company has to relocate, the less they will charge you.
    • This may go some way to offsetting the cost of your skip hire.
    • Best of all, your old unwanted possessions will be recycled or disposed of responsibly.

    Home Refurbishment

    More and more of us are starting to undertake mild home renovation. The benefits of this are clear to see, especially if you have prior experience or can pick up skills easily. To assist, why not make use of a skip hire service in London to help you dispose of all the waste building material that you will accumulate. You can even dispose of old bathroom fittings like basins and toilets.

    If you’re not based in London, there are sure to be other skip hire providers in your locale, happy to provide you with their services.

    A Note on Permits

    You do need to be aware of the current legislation surrounding skip hire. Skips over a certain size cannot be located on a roadway without permission; this even includes the section of road right outside your house where you usually park your car.

    We would recommend asking for some advice from your hire company to make sure you remain above board.


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