Five Recipes for Rugby Training


When you are training, your nutrition should play as big a part as your physical activity. Your diet needs to be optimised for your training ability, your muscle growth and body maintenance. Eating right improves your in-game performance and your recovery periods too. Here we take a look at five recipes that aid pre and post training, gaming and recovery.

The simple egg is packed with protein and aids muscle recovery. Eggs are a great protein source if you are on a budget. You can do lots with the humble egg, from scrambles to fritattas to omelettes. An omelette is a great breakfast and can be rustled up quickly.


Chicken is more than just the centre piece of a Sunday roast. Chicken makes a fantastic pre-game meal. Before a game you want to make sure that you eat, but nothing too heavy. You want a low-GI, slow-energy-release meal. Chicken with some rice and some greens is perfect.


The best and simplest pre-workout snack. High in starch, bananas provide a great burst of energy for rugby training drills, examples of which can be found at Blend your banana in a protein smoothie or mix into oats.

Red Meat

This should be confined to post-workout to aid in your recovery. Combine it with mushrooms, dark greens and rice for a protein- and nutrition-packed workout or post-game meal. You should avoid dense carbs post-workout, despite past thinking on this. Meals for athletes post-training or game need to replace a bit of everything – vitamins, minerals, energy – and not just focus on the carbs.

Go Green

Meat is not the only protein source, no matter what hardened carnivores might tell you. You can get lots of good protein from your greens, and your training meal plan should be overflowing with greens, fruit and veg. The best rugby players eat as many greens as they can, dropping all meats for at least one day a week. Grilled aubergine, stir-fried broccoli and carrots are spot on for athletes and are super quick and easy to prepare.

So get in that kitchen and eat your way to strength, speed, power and good health. Eat your greens, boost your workouts and recover well with a nutritious training diet plan.


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