Foundation Repair: Understanding the First Steps


Foundation repair is a very complicated project, one that is better suited for an experienced team of contractors. By understanding the steps that must be taken in order to complete the project properly, you can work with a professional foundation repair specialist in a much better way. What are the initial steps to be taken when you need to repair your foundation?

Finding a Good Contractor

There are so many options when it comes to foundation repair contractors, especially with the high demand for such services across Canada. The first thing you need to do is find a good repair company near you. If you live in Ottawa, for instance, it is much better to hire an Ottawa foundation repair company.

There are two reasons why local contractors are better. First of all, local contractors are much easier to reach. You don’t have to worry about paying travel and other extra expenses when you do decide to start the project.

The second reason is effectiveness. The local contractor you choose to work with is already familiar with problems, challenges and other aspects of the project based on the climate condition and common problems of foundations in the area. This means they can assess your foundation quickly and determine the right things to be done without fail.

Waterproofing and Excavation

After starting the project, the contractor will waterproof your basement and foundation first. The waterproofing helps keep the interior humidity and climate in check while they work on the outside of the foundation. It will also prevent flooding.

Using heavy machineries and workers, the contractor will start excavating in order to gain access to the foundation. Unfortunately, this is a difficult and time-consuming process that must be done wit extra care in order to avoid more problems from appearing, hence why working with an experienced and qualified contractor is simply a must.

Repairing and Adding More Footing To the Foundation

Once the foundation is visible and exposed, repair works will begin. Depending on how badly the foundation is damaged, the contractor may add more foundation materials, seal leaks and cracks as well as perform other tasks to restore the foundation to its original shape and capability.

Footing bevel may be added to the foundation in certain cases. The footing bevel sits between the foundation and the foot where it rests on. More footing, correctly placed and installed, can help prevent water from entering your basement and stop flooding once and for all.

Waterproofing and More Steps

A special layer of waterproofing is installed once the repairs are done. The extra layer of waterproofing will help secure the foundation from moisture and water, preventing future damage and making it much easier to keep the basement of your house dry.

The contractor may take extra steps if necessary, and then close the foundation and conclude the project. Installation of drainage tile and grading are among the steps that also need to be completed properly for the project to be effective. Consult your contractor for more information on the steps to take to repair your foundation.


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