How to Choose Wallpaper for Your Home


Whilst paint can notably enhance your home’s walls and ceilings, you can add even more interest by including wallpaper in your décor. When choosing a wallpaper, you need to determine if you want to pick a themed wallpaper or if you want to go with a plain colour. Fortunately, you can make an easier selection by shopping online.

Wallpaper Classifications

For example, some of the wallpaper classifications include the following:

  • Animal prints
  • Brick and wood looks
  • Damask patterns
  • Floral and tree designs
  • Kids’ themes
  • Kitchen and bathroom designs
  • Contemporary and futuristic prints
  • Novelty patterns
  • Paintable wallpapers
  • Quirky looks
  • Striped wallpapers
  • Traditional or classic looks

You can also choose borders to complement the wallpaper that you eventually choose. Whether you are selecting a contemporary or traditional wallpaper design, you can find just the right pattern and colour for your living space.

Flocked and Paisley Designs

If you are interested in traditional wallpapers, you will discover many lovely prints that are flocked or feature paisley designs. Leaf prints are also a popular choice. If you like contemporary looks, modern wallpaper styles feature geometric prints as well as prism designs. Mosaic designs are favoured by homeowners as well.

You can also find many interesting wallpapers that are striped. For example, you can choose from the following designs:

  • Ladder stripes in red and white or black and red
  • Grey-striped wallpaper
  • Pink-and-white stripes and red-and-white striped prints
  • Black-and-silver striped wallpaper

Plain Wallpaper: Anything but Boring

When reviewing plain wallpaper, do not associate plain with boring. Plain wallpaper comes in textured styles that meet specific design requirements. For example, textured and plain wallpaper is available in such colours as brown, stone, grey, cream, or white. You can also choose from black and grey glitter. Silver or rose gold velvet crush wallpapers are popular as well. Shimmer-textured wallpapers are yet another interesting choice amongst so-called “plain” wallpaper offerings.

Brick and Wood Wallpaper Designs

If you are seeking a rustic yet contemporary look, you may be interested in reviewing brick and wood wallpaper styles. Recreate a bare wall look and complement it with contemporary furnishings. Under this category, you can find such choices as wood-grain designs and 3D brick patterns. Bamboo looks can also be replicated under this category.

Besides choosing a wallpaper, you need to know to know the standard length of wallpaper in a roll. Usually a roll features 10 metres, unless it is otherwise noted. Whilst you can hang wallpaper yourself, most wallpaper suppliers recommend that you use the services of a professional decorator.

When making wallpaper selections, do not forget to include lining paper with your order. Lining paper provides a good base for affixing the paper. Therefore, it provides a smoother finish.


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