How to Find the Right Crane Hire Company


The right crane hire company is the difference between a straightforward job where everything goes to plan and a difficult one, mired with problems and delays. You will find that the cooperation between your site team and your crane supplier is crucial for the success of any construction project.

To that end, there are several points that you can put into action when finding a crane hire company to ensure that they’re a good fit for your team and project.

Expertise is Key

Every construction site and project is unique so it’s important to find a crane hire supplier with the experience to adapt to your needs.

In our experience, no construction project ever goes off without at least a few unforeseen difficulties so the willingness to compromise and be flexible to your needs as well as changes to the programme are vital.

Health and Safety

Above all else, including the need for you to complete your project on time is the need for a safe working environment. Any crane lift brings an added element of risk to a construction site so your crane supplier needs to have the right attitude towards health and safety.

If it far better for your chosen company to constantly delay proceedings due to flagging up health and safety concerns rather than be prepared to work in less than optimal conditions.

There is legislation that needs to be followed when utilising cranes so a company’s willingness to adhere to them is always a good sign.


There is no getting away from the fact that crane hire is expensive. The transportation of the crane alone will often cost hundreds before it has arrived on site so always be prepared for a significant bill. That said, costs will vary by hire company so shop around. Crane hire in Huddersfield for example may be cheaper than the same hire in the centre of Manchester. Always seek at least three quotations so you have a ballpark figure.

Quality Equipment

Any good crane operator will take pride in making sure that their equipment is up to date. The presence of new machinery is always a good sign as its means that image and reputation is important to them, something you will notice and appreciate when its time to get the job done.

Mobile, tower and mini cranes are all precision pieces of equipment so make sure that the fleet of your chosen company is up to scratch.


Good communication is paramount to successful construction projects. When making enquiries with a potential supplier, always monitor their willingness to respond quickly and effectively. If they don’t communicate well in the procurement stage, they won’t when you need them most.

Appoint Your Crane Hire Company

With the guidance we’ve outlined above, you should have no issue in now approaching crane hire firms for advice and a quotation. If there is any aspect of the job you’re insure of, now is the time to ask. Crane hire and precision lifting is a skilled job so hiring the right company is vital.


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