Importance of Corporate Lawyer by David Baer Attorney


A corporate lawyer is a legal expert who focuses on corporate law and usually works for a company and ensures that the business functions as per the law. Irrespective of the size most of the companies these days have a team of corporate lawyers. These lawyers not only ensure agreement matters and obedience to corporate law but they have the ability to construct contracts and negotiate to guarantee that numerous laws surrounding business deals are obeyed with.

David Baer Attorney talks about the vital role of corporate lawyers

The primary role of the corporate lawyer is to ensure the legitimacy of all commercial transactions that the business accepts. Furthermore, the corporate lawyer must know the legal rights and duties, including the responsibilities of the corporate officers of the company. Most of the corporate lawyers usually possess advanced knowledge of securities law, contract law, tax law, bankruptcy, accounting, zoning laws, licensing laws, intellectual property rights, and the laws definite to the business that they work for.

David Baer Attorney is a celebrated corporate lawyer who has been practicing for more than three decades now. Being a reputed corporate lawyer, David says that his main goal is to make life easier and more comfortable and the business a sure success. As a corporate lawyer David can assist the company in various ways:

  • The primary responsibility of the corporate lawyer is to ensure that the business transactions of the client are at par with the law. In addition they also ensure that the legal decisions of the client translate to a strong bottom line. For instance, a corporate attorney may check with the marketing department of a company to understand whether settling an argument will affect the market’s viewpoint of the company and if this will have a negative impact on the company’s sales.
  • David Baer Attorney says that corporate lawyers are very much required in case the owner of the company dies and there is a dilemma as to whether it will continue its operation or it will stop. The corporate lawyers in such cases can help in drafting the required things and settle dispute to ensure that the company continues to run.
  • In addition, the corporate lawyers are responsible for ensuring that everyone in the company is up to date with any legal business information. In a business, there are ambiguities that if exposed can be used by the competitors or even employees. Thus, by hiring corporate lawyers the business can be rest assured that such loopholes will be covered.

David Baer further explains that the other responsibility of the corporate lawyers is to go through the contracts of the company thoroughly and compose them if required. Before becoming a corporate lawyer, David Baer has received J.D. and LL.M. (taxation) degrees from Boston University School of Law and B.A. at Elmira College. He has been elected as a Massachusetts Super Lawyer for the years 2004-2009. At present he is working with Baer Counsel as the business law attorney.


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