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The hardest part in a divorce procedure is the child support and custody. Children are the most affected when it comes to divorce. When filing for divorce, the court will be more concerned about the welfare of your kids. Kain & Ball family law firm in Mississauga, we will give you advice on how to handle child support, custody and access to the benefit of the children.

What is child support?

When children are in dispute during the divorce, the judge defines the frequency and the amount that will be given for the support of each of the child in the dispute. These are done in a way that one of the partners who is the non-custodian of the children make to the other parent who is the custodian for the support of the minor children or child. Kain & Ball family lawyers in Mississauga will analyze the financial statements of the non-custodial and advice you on the amount and frequency you should ask for your children upkeep and support. The child support is given over the alimony that is paid during the divorce process.
How the child supportis determined
our divorce law firm in Mississauga will calculate the child support according to the child support guidelines and legislation. Our Mississauga divorce lawyers will be able to calculate the amount each child will receive; these are done using the child support calculator thus reducing over or under estimating the child support amount. If the judge disputes the amount, then we will go back to the drawing board until we get a satisfactory amount that will make your child live comfortably.

What is covered in child support?’

A child does not have to suffer in case of a divorce. The reason Mississauga divorce lawyers, will ask for a detailed account of the life that your child was leading before divorce. These will enable the lawyers to be able to calculate the child support amount without short-changing the child lifestyle. The child support covers the basic needs of the child that include food, shelter, clothing, education, medical and another important aspect of life that your child was used to before the divorce started. According to Mississauga divorce lawyers the custodian of the child will confide with them and after that they will prepare a strong case on what should be covered.

Winning the child support case

Each parent wants the child support case to be favoring their children welfare. The best way you can be able to win the child support case is to engage the service of an experienced family law firms who will guide you through the whole process. The Kain & Ball family law firm in Mississauga has experience ranging many years of expertise when it comes to child support. They know the loopholes and what the federal law states when it comes to child support. They will advise you when to terminate, increase, decrease or modify your child support request.

When it comes to your child support, the kind of lawyer you choose to represent you plays a significant role in winning the case Kain & Ball divorce law firms in Mississauga has all the expertise you need.


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