Rattan Furniture


Rattan furniture is becoming increasingly popular; it copes well in most weather conditions and is better for the environment as the plants used to create the weave are fast-growing and plentiful. With Britain predicted to have an Indian summer, there is still time to invest in some beautiful outdoor pieces. And, with a little care and attention they will last for years to come. Restoring garden furniture yourself is satisfying, you’ll sit on your restored bench with pride, and you’ll tell all of your friends and family about your new skills and handiwork. Restoring the furniture yourself also ensures that your wooden garden furniture will last for many years to come.

Rattan is ecologically very important, growing up to 6 meters a year in areas that cannot support other land products – such as those remaining under flood waters for long periods of time. But the real beauty as far as conservation is concerned is that rattan can only grow among st existing trees such as fruit orchards and rubber estates, so it can accurately be claimed to encourage the preservation of forests in its very nature as a companion crop.The social significance of rattan is no less. Ideally suited as a smallholder crop, it provides sustainable income to some of the poorest people living on the fringes of forests. It lends itself to uncomplicated labor-intensive processing and generates diverse employment.

Rattan furniture is becoming very popular and Oceans probably sell the best , although it is very durable, Mother Nature will take its toll. Rattan is a type of wicker made from woven palm plants which are plentiful and fast growing, it is eco-friendly, lightweight, durable and strong which makes it excellent for outdoor furniture. However over time bird droppings, excess heat, UV Rays , Snow, Ice , moisture and dirt can cause the wicker to look very dirty and it can be very difficult to get the dirt and bird droppings out of the wicker. Moisture getting between the wickers in certain circumstances also leads to mildew and rotting which will inevitably shorten the life of your rattan furniture. Therefore it is very important to protect your furniture as much as you can.

The flexibility of synthetic rattan has allowed designers much more scope. No longer are we just thinking of garden furniture as a table and chairs, perhaps with a parasol, now you can now choose from sofa sets with coffee tables and side tables, dining sets with armchairs, bistro sets, love-seats etc. Nor does your choice even have to look like traditional garden furniture. Many of the designs are contemporary with clean lines and modern fabrics. Indeed much of this furniture would sit happily in a lounge or dining area. By using this guide you should be able to ensure that your furniture will give pleasure for many years to come. In this age of freak weather conditions, the advantages of all-weather furniture cannot be overstated. Even if our summer comes in February you will be ready to make the most of it.


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