Scheduling Maintenance for Your Luxury Swimming Pool

Luxury Swimming Pool

Whether a luxury swimming pool is installed in a residential or commercial venue, you need to ensure its maintenance after installation. Therefore, the same pool company that installs your pool should also feature maintenance services.

Maintaining a Pool: The Two Main Expenses

Naturally, cost is heavily factored into maintenance. Therefore, two main factors affect the cost of a swimming pool’s operation. These two variables include the chemicals that are used and the expense related to heating the pool.

Figuring Your Pool’s Heating Costs

Most of the expense for maintenance is directed toward heating. To figure the expense, you need to ask the following questions:

  • Is the pool an indoor or outdoor pool?
  • What type of thermal qualities does the pool possess? In other words, how much insulation has been used in the pool’s construction and how was the pool built?
  • Is a pool cover being used? Pool covers may include solar coverings, heat retention covers, slatted covers, or safety cover designs.
  • How much light and heat does the pool receive from the sun?
  • What type of heating device is being used? Is the pool being heated by gas, electricity, oil, or a heat pump?

Handling Non-Urgent Repairs

Once you answer these questions, you can better allocate the money needed for maintaining luxury swimming pools. People with luxury pools may also utilise a call out service. This service is recommended for non-urgent repairs, pool breakdowns, or troubleshooting. Even if you are not experiencing an emergency, the service technicians will do all they can to make sure that the problem is fixed quickly so you can enjoy your pool once again.

Recommissioning a Pool

Pool maintenance and servicing also includes recommissioning and decommissioning pools at the beginning and end of a season. For example, to get a pool ready for the summer season, a maintenance technician does the following:

  • Removes the cover and stores it
  • Tops up the water level if required
  • Inspects and tests the fitting and valves for any leaks or damage
  • Sets time clocks if they are installed
  • Vacuums the pool at the client’s request
  • Assesses the operation of the automatic cover, if included, and advises the customer if further service is required
  • Begins the heat pump or lights the boiler if requested by the client
  • Shocks the pool with chemicals

If the pool does not feature a cover, the technician may need to make an additional visit. An extra visit may be required too if the water has taken on a green cast or is dirty. Therefore, it is always a good idea to book any pool recommission early in the season.

Whatever your maintenance needs, you can count on a full-service luxury pool company to keep your pool in pristine shape.


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