‘Tis the Season to Pop the Question with the Best Wedding Proposal Professionals in London


    Once the calendar flips to December, the weather turns chilly, and the holiday season is in full swing. There’s just something in the air–snow flurries, the scent of freshly-baked goods, pine, cocoa, and, yes, romance! Of course, this is nothing new. Shakespeare sets one of his most memorable love triangle–Orsino, Viola, and Olivia– during the “twelfth night” of the Christmas season from which Twelfth Night takes its name. Celebrating that “twelfth night” continued into Regency England and would have been well-known to the queen of English romance herself, Jane Austen, whose own birthday falls on the 16th of December. We have Dickens to thank for helping popularise Christmas as we know it, and he, as well as later authors, such as O. Henry with his Gift of the Magi, would repeatedly pair Christmas with romance.

    December is the perfect time to propose, and there’s certainly no shortage of great Christmas proposal ideas in London. Here are a few ways proposal professionals can help you make this holiday season one to remember.

    Plan Ahead of Time

    As with literature’s best-plotted romances, the secret to a perfect holiday proposal has much to do with the planning. When you work with proposal specialists, they’ll be able to help turn your ideas into something special. From reviewing locations to picking floral arrangements to selecting the perfect music to set the mood, the best planners can handle all the logistical work and plan every last detail of your proposal to help create the Christmas-y mood and storybook ending you want.

    Take Advantage of the Season

    Speaking of mood, establishing a degree of ambience is always an important factor in proposals, which can help explain why so many of them occur in December. Nearly a third of all wedding proposals in the UK occur on Christmas Eve, with New Year’s Eve also proving a popular day to pop the question.

    The best proposal planners know this, and also know which spots in London truly shine during the holiday season. The London Eye and London’s many seasonal markets always look magical during the holidays. Of course, the best proposals are all about personalisation and showing the person you love how well you know them. If they’re into music, a proposal near one of London’s many great music venues might be in order. If they love classic literature, a Christmas-themed Dickensian proposal might be apropos. Whatever the case may be, the best proposal professionals will work with you to help you select the perfect place to pop the question, while working beforehand to establish a mood there that evokes both the Christmas season as well as a sense of romance.

    ‘Tis the Season–make it one to remember with the best proposal professionals in London today.


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