Why BasketBall Is The Best Game In America


Basketball is a great game and its popularity in America is immense. The game itself has changed into a very modern, fast moving sport with the introduction of three point distance shots, fantastic alley oops and amazing dunking. The clothing itself is a real part of fashion and the shorts influence what many young men and woman wear on a daily basis. It is a game enjoyed not only in America, but around the world, and most people know how to play it. All you need is a ball and a basket, and you are all set to play a game, whether one on one, or in a regular team.

Easy To Play.

Like I mentioned previously, all that you need is a basketball and a hoop and somewhere to play and off you go. Expensive strips are not needed and a normal pair of gym shoes is sufficient to have a fun game with your friends. Buying a basketball is very inexpensive and they can be bought everywhere, from regular sports shops, to the local store in your area. Finding a court to play on is not an issue, because they are everywhere, in every neighborhood and if you want to, most schools will allow you to use their courts.

Everyone Can Play.

Basketball is a game that allows everyone to play. You can play with five or more of your friends all at the same time, so unlike other sports, you are not standing around doing nothing waiting for your turn to play the game. Learning to play the game is quite easy, as long as you know how to dribble the ball and shoot at the net. It is a game primarily played with the hands, and so catching and throwing comes quite naturally to us all. Just by watching some guys play the game, allows you to learn how to play it also.

Straightforward Rules.

The rules are quite straightforward. You must dribble or bounce the ball when you move, and you mustn’t make any heavy contact with a player, who is trying to shoot. Use your arms and hands, of course, to block them, but that’s it. It is simple to understand, which allows for lots of smooth games, lots of action and lots of fun. It is a great game to socialize and make new friends, who think like you. They are playing basketball, so they must love the sport, the same as you. That’s one thing you definitely both have in common.

It’s Everywhere.

The game of basketball, can be seen everywhere you look. In the streets, in the schools and on the television. Watching this great game on television, has encouraged lots of our young people to take up the sport, which provides them with a great outlet for their energy. You can also get yourself some New York basketball tickets, and go experience the game first hand.If they are watching or playing basketball, then they are staying out of trouble and striking up great bonds, that will stay with them for life. If you are not playing, then you can always watch the game with friends.

Basketball is a great sport to play, and the fact that it is accessible to everyone is a huge positive for the game itself. A basketball, a hoop and some friends and you are ready to have fun. If you don’t play the game, then get yourself some tickets, and go watch this exciting game.


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